I'm always on the look out for interesting indoor plants, but having lived in apartments for most of my adult life, I never really had enough space for much of them. Plus plants  generally need more TLC to thrive indoors.

These plants were found by NASA to be the best at eliminating significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air. The findings would have been used to clean air in space stations, so if NASA think their awesome, I'd happily go the extra mile to keep these babies in my home.


These are just the top ones that got a tick for filtering out 3 or more of the badies in the air. And I'm so glad to see that some of them are famous for being hardy indoor plants.

I've already grown a Peace Lily that was given to me as a gift. And it was an effortless success!  It also grew well when I moved it into a vase with some fishes, but it stopped flowering, which I didn't mind too much because the leaves were still very vibrant and green and the flowers were never very fragrant.

I'm keen to try growing the English Ivy or the Golden Pothos into a feature wall for my hallway next. I think it would be such a welcoming sight to be greeted with a lush wall of greenery every day.

Have you tried growing these guys indoor? I'd love to hear how you went.

P.S. I found these inspirational ideas from pinterest, so please let me know if you're the owner of these pics so that I can credit where due.

Well, it's been a few week, looks like 2014 is here to stay, so I feel pretty safe to say.. Happy New Year everyone!! :P

Who knew Phillip Island had a travelling carnival visit every summer??

We spent the eve down at the island for a house party, so had to check out the fair.

It's small one, only a handful of rides and skill games, but we still had a blast. It's been yonks since I've been to a travelling Carni...

The fair is open daily from 6pm til late.

This post's going to be pretty pic-heavy. But if you don't get a chance to get down there before summer ends, I hope these photos entices you to make it next year!

 The same guys were on the bikes from when we arrived til when we left.

This was the scariest ride they had, the SPACE HOLLER!!

..and now the SPACE HOLLER up close ad personal

But... this was the funnest ride at the fair. "Where there are cars that bump, ride on them we shall" - anonymous (aka me, hehe)

We left just as the sun was setting, so, the worst time possible to try to take a photo of the entrance sigh. But the sky has come out so blue, it might just make up for the overshadow.

A few weeks ago we found ourselves in Port Melbourne, exhausted after another day of tile shopping (the bathroom-saga that deserves it's own anthology!). We happened across a deceptively simple eatery called CORTE.

For those familiar with the area, it sits on the corner of Graham and Bay St, and is hidden behind a mini grove of palm trees and over-sized shrubbery.

was intrigued with the a-line roof peaking above all that greenery, and what an unexpectedly gorgeous find this was!

Through the black cast iron gates was a beautifully converted convent, with what looks to be the original aged and crackling stone walls and high ceilings with exposed framings.

We only went in looking for coffee, but was lucky to have had the place almost to ourselves and the tapas choices on offer sounded too good to pass. The live musician they had playing sealed the deal and we settled down to have our second lunch of the afternoon.

Just look at the sugar cubes! I love that they had white and brown sugar cubes. 

CORTE specialises in Argentinian food and we went with ordering some of the smaller tapas choices on the menu as suggested by the waitress.

I highly recommend the Pane - sourdough bread + olive oil + balsamic vinegar. Even if you're not a fan of bread dipped in oil, this could change your mind. It's very tasty but so light that it doesn't leave an oily after taste. When I complimented the chef on it, he said it was because the oil arrived within weeks of the olives being pressed.

I'd also recommend Caballa - smoked spanish mackerel and chickpea pate if you don't mind something with a teeny tiny kick. Be generous when spreading it or you will have a lot of pate left. If there were more than just the two of us, we would've ordered more bread.

Their official address is:115 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

And here's a link to their site: http://corteportmelbourne.com.au/

We'll definitely be going back, especially if the sun stays out and the days keep getting warmer. 

Hello World, Here I Am!!

If you're reading this blog backwards, welcome to my first post. :)

And a big thank you for taking the time for go all the way back to the beginning. xxoo